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Digital Macrocosm 

Created the full digital strategy for Winter Fest OC year after year beating sales goals and slashing marketing budgets at the same time.

GOAL: Sell tickets to Winter Fest OC event.

SUMMARY RESULT: $35K Marketing Budget created $1.4M in ticket sales in 18 days with a 6 week ramp-up period. Worked with a 72% reduction of the marketing budget for 2017 but still increased sales by 23%.

*I have maintained this client for three years with a small 3 person flex team that reassembles seasonally for this project.

• Paid Social: Over 190 ads deployed via 56 Ad Sets resulting in a 15x ROI on trackable conversions. 

• Google Adwords and Google Display Network Advertising: Adwords tweaking and targeting, HTML5 animated web banners and YouTube video advertising with a 20c conversion rate on Adwords.

• Email marketing: Full strategy and distribution schedule, email list building, segmentation strategy and upsell post-sale follow up campaigns. 

• Promotions: Creation and layered scheduling of online promotions including multiple FB chatbot
driven contests which grew our email list 37% in 18 days. 

• Sales Platform: Embedded Eventbrite checkout and Eventbrite. 


• Post Event Feedback Funnel: Multi-form peer-to-peer email post-event feedback funnel created to drive post-event positive Yelp reviews. 

• Social Media:  Content creation, programming and community management resulting in 7,400% increase in engagement reaching 1.4M geo-targeted users in 20 days.


• Graphic Design: Personally created all online content, all online banners, emails, social media content, website design, website purchase funnel conversion changes and advertising graphics with one graphic design assistant. 

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