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Digital Macrocosm 

Co-founded the eCommerce site focused on cosplay, burlesque, counter-culture and steampunk fashion. 

GOAL: Own my own business and sell fashion to a niche market on a "just in time" eCommerce model requiring no inventory. 

SUMMARY RESULT: Cash positive from day one. We built a thriving eCommerce company organically from scratch valued at $935K in less than 2 years with zero investment or cash outlay, advertising, or inventory holdings. 100% of all sales were generated via social media and email campaigns. The company had 3 full-time employees and generated over $120K gross per month. 

*I sold my portion of the company to my co-founder in Feb 2017 and was hired by Jumpwire Media in May 2017. 


• Yearly Strategy: Development of full yearly strategy including all sales and promotions. 

• Paid Social: Ramp-up and Ramp-down advertising strategy, creative and deployment for all sales. (Paid social and Facebook Advertising only became available to us in year two as our social media presence pre-dates sponsored or boosted posts!) 

• Sales Platform: Managed full Big Commerce design, integration and weekly addition of new products. (Switching to Shopify this season). 


• Email marketing: Full strategy and distribution schedule, email list building, segmentation strategy and up-sell post-sale follow-up campaigns. 

• Social Media Traffic and Growth:
Created all social media channels and grew them via highly interactive social communities in a niche market. Organically grew FB page from 0-750K in three years without the use of "Like Campaigns." 

• Graphic Design: Personally created all online content, all online banners, emails, social media content, website design, website purchase funnel conversion changes and advertising graphics.  

• Social Media Creative: Personally created all social media content at a volume of 21 posts per day, scheduling and posting all the content and all community management and customer service. 


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